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Consulting engineering firm specialized in providing technical engineering solutions.

Concrete Restoration

Specification preparation for concrete restoration, building facade repairs, water proofing and painting projects to define the right scope of work for each project.

Reviewer and Qualifier for architects

Review of shop drawings and plans for interior remodel projects. Sign and seal of plans to obtain construction permits. We work with contractors and architects to provide design solutions.

Bidding Management

Assisting clients to get the best possible price and the best Contractor for each project.

Special Inspector & Construction management

Services to monitor the repairs, construction and overall project to guarantee that there will be no deviations from the specifications.

Preparation of 40-Year Re-certification Reports

Evaluation of building structures to certify that such structures are safe for their intended use.

Structural reports

Preparation of structural reports to provide engineering solutions and correct structural defects, repair structural damage and upgrade building structures to comply with the current Florida Building Code Standards.

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